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A few people we have worked with that we know you will love.


Epic Studios -

Victor is a great videographer! He is very professional and efficient, not your ordinary videographer. He really connects to each couple and their unique love story. His wedding films are not just captured moments, but a genuine short movie film that makes you feel like you were right there in the midst of that bride and groom's wedding day.



Misty Photographer -

Rob is awesome to say the least! He has been my mentor from the start and a great partner when we worked together shooting weddings. He has a lot of exprecience under his belt and enjoys to share his love for photography! He is outgoing, great with crowds, and makes each wedding day that more fantastic. Recently his wife joined him with shooting together and they make a great team! Check them out!



VaLana Photography -

Lana is an amazing photographer! She is very professional and her work

truly shows how much passion she has for it. She is diligent in putting her best work and unique skills to create one-of-a-kind images for each bride and groom.


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