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Meet  Marta

Welcome everyone, I am Marta April Holy. I live in beautiful East Texas. Here's a little bit of how I came about being a photographer.

I fell in love with photography after I got married in September of 2009 to my high school sweetheart. My love for capturing photos; from nature, portraits to candid moments are my passion.


 I truly love photography and not just point and shoot. I love getting to know my clients and being able to capture their story in photographs for them to share for generations. Over the years, from when I first started, I have developed a passion for photography that I love to showcase in my work. I love being able to create beauty that others may not see and being able to bring it to life. Creativity is endless and I hope that anyone who comes across my work sees just that.

In spring of 2010, I entered into a photography class and it was more than expected. Mostly working with film cameras and developing photos in the dark room I grasped the true love for creating images that tell a story. Film photography was its own different experience and was time consuming, but helped me to more understand and appreciate digital photography. 


In October of 2010, my husband joined me in shooting our first wedding in which continued my photography career and opened up a wide range of the type of photographer I have become. 


For 10 years I continually organized photography sessions of all different forms of portraits, events and of course wedding photography, worked as a subcontractor for a company for wedding photography all while having 5 children and being married for almost 14 years now to my high school sweetheart.

I took small break in 2019/2020 to have my 5th child and 2022 we made a big move to the great state of Texas. Texas has always been on our hearts and has been an amazing transition for our family. Getting back into photography in a new area I will be focusing on primarily family and portraits and I can't wait to meet new families and friends.



📱: 903.705.2870

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Snippets of myself with my family
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